Apres Ski Tour – Where’s that Man?

Where's Andrew in Fieberbrunn

That Man in the Very Back Row.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: perhaps Debbie wants Harry.

A few years back, when the Freeride World Ski Tour came to Fieberbrunn I was there, but no one seemed to be able to spot me!

Once the apres ski was done and the tour had left town, the ice stadium was still there and it was a lot easier to spot a face in the ‘crowd’. The skies were still perfect blue, but there were a lot fewer helicopters and a lot less beer flowing. Can you spot Andrew?

This year the tour has started and is heading to:

pop trivia: “That man in the very back row” is taken from ‘I want that man‘, Blondie’s 1989 hit  off the Def, Dumb and Blonde album.

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Ski Pole

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