Sweden. Home to some of the Best Ski Resorts in the Rest of Europe.

Flag of Sweden

Skiing in Sweden is different from skiing in the Alps, the resorts are set in a landscape of forests, lakes and unspoiled wilderness, compared to the more purpose built resorts of the Alps.

Being so far North, the ski days are short. Certainly in December and January, it will get light late and dark early. Luckily, floodlit pistes mean you can still enjoy the experience of skiing as dusk falls.

Are Ski Resort, Sweden
Are: short for Arefjallen, somewhat reminiscent of St Moritz, just more remote. Read more.
Rikgransen Ski Resort, Sweden
Riksgransen: known for its extensive off-piste skiing in the North. Read more.

Sweden Skiing.

Sweden is one of those countries many people know little about, beyond Bjorn Borg, smorgasbords and Abba, we tend to simply think of it as a cold place.

The Country is actually made up of loads of coastal islands. linked by bridges. In Stockholm alone, there are over 50. Being close to the Arctic Circle, skiing can be cold, very cold. But as compensation, the snow conditions are usually excellent.

Overview of Sweden.

  • Capital: Stockholm.
  • Area‎: 450,000km2.
  • Population‎: 10.2million.
  • Telephone: The international dialing code is +46.
  • Mobile/Data: Being a member of the EU, it is included in the list of EU Roaming destinations.
  • Time: Central European Time Zone (CET), 1 or 2 hours ahead of GMT/UTC.
  • Languages: Swedish.
  • Driving: On the right.
  • Visas: Part of the Schengen agreement, most tourists either don’t need a visa or get one on entry.
  • Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK), credit and debit cards are as widely accepted as in any other European country.
  • Tipping: Service is often included in the bill, so check, if not, 5% to 10% is normal. Taxi drivers would not expect a tip.

Skiing in Sweden.

The Scandinavian Mountains form the border between Sweden and Norway as a result this is where much of Sweden’s skiing can be found. Most is in the South of the country close to centres of population.

Ski resorts have often grown up out of small rural communities and retain that charm. For families and beginners or for groups including non-skiers, who still enjoy the snow, Sweden’s biggest ski resorts offers lots of snow related excursions.

Are is Sweden’s largest ski resort, it is in the central part of the Country and is very popular with families and those learning to ski.

If you are a serious skier considering a trip to Scandinavia you may want to consider a cross-country trip taking in several resorts.