Argentina. Home to some of the Best Ski Resorts in the Americas.

Flag of Argentina

The Argentine Republic, aka Argentina, is the second largest country in South America. Due to its size it shares borders with Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uraguay and has a coast onto the South Atlantic. For the most part, the skiing is found in the huge mountainous regions of Patagonia and the Andes.

Las Lenas Ski Resort, Argentina
Las Lenas Ski Resort:
Remote and challenging skiing to match anything Chamonix offers. Read more.
Catedral Alta Patagonia Ski Resort, Argentina
Catedral Ski Resort:
Beautiful setting high above Nahuel Huapi lake. Read more.

Argentina’s Skiing.

Besides Evita, the Falklands and Ossie Ardiles, think Argentina and you think Patagonia. Patagonia is the region high in the Andes mountains straddling the border with Chile, therefore it is the home to virtually all the skiing of note in South America.

Planes, trains and buses are all available in Argentina. Consequently, an international flight to Buenos Aires followed by an internal flight or train or bus south/west would be the best way to reach a ski resort.

Overview of Argentina.

  • Capital: Buenos Aires.
  • Land area‎: ‎1,074 square miles.
  • Population‎: ‎45 million.
  • Telephone: The international dialing code is +54.
  • Mobile/Data: Check your service provider, it can be expensive.
  • Time: 3 hours behind GMT/UTC.
  • Languages: Spanish.
  • Driving: On the right.
  • Visas: Most citizens of the world are issued with a 90 day visa on arrival.
  • Currency: Peso, credit and debit cards are as widely accepted. As a rule, USDs are a good back up.
  • Tipping: Not compulsory or expected, but desired, 10% is a good tip in restaurants. Taxi drivers do not expect a tip unless they have carried your bags. Clearly, a few pesos to anyone who has helped you is usually appreciated.

Skiing in Argentina.

Some of the world’s tallest mountains form the backdrop to skiing in Argentina. As a result, the skiing is in the south of the country where the magnificent Andes tower above the lands of Patagonia.

The best ski resorts in Argentina can be found on its two big mountains, firstly, Cerro Catedral in San Carlos de Bariloche, 2,073m, and secondly, Las Leñas in Mendoza, 3,430m. The Andes are in the Southern hemisphere, consequently, the ski season in this part of the World, usually runs from June to October.

Mendoza Ski Resorts.
  • Las Lenas
  • Los Penitentes
Bariloche Ski Resorts.
  • Catedral
  • Caviahue
  • Cerro Bayo
  • Chapelco
  • La Hoya

In short, if you are making a big ski trip to Argentina, you should probably check out Chile across the border too.