Courchevel 1850

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Courchevel 1850

Courchevel Resort Map

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Courchevel 1850 Ski Resort Review

Courchevel Ski Resort

The Ski Resort of Courchevel 1850, is possibly the most expensive ski resort in France.

Courchevel, 1850 is the focal point of the valley with a good selection of world class hotels, restaurants and shopping. There is also a good selection of less expensive accommodation which includes a number of British run chalet hotels.

Apres Ski Courchevel 1850

Internet Cafés

Prends Ta Luge (Forum Centre, 1850)
Webski (Next to Hotel Olympic, 1850)


The Jump Bar

A favourite spot for lunch in the centre of 1850 below the Hotel de la Croisette. Large salads, sandwiches and chips for lunch are good value (especially for 1850) and they always have the latest English newspapers.

Chabi Chou

The Chabi Chou is a two Michelin star restaurant in the heart of Courchevel 1850 in a beautiful building. The food is exciting and interesting but the atmosphere is not stuffy. If you love your food and have a special occasion to celebrate try the Chabi Chou. It is simply the best restaurant in the Three Valleys. 04 79 08 00 55.

Le Tremplin

Situated next to the three main bubbles out of 1850 this the place to catch the sun, people watch and have some fabulous oysters and Muscadet. This is an absolute must for a skiing lunch. Food is expensive but the service is excellent.

L’Arc en Ciel

A charming little restaurant on the first floor in the main building, at the base of the giant Saulire cable car. It is simple in style but has excellent food at very reasonable prices, for Courchevel. The owners are very friendly and have had the restaurant for years. It is very busy with a great reputation among the locals.

Les Chenus

Open all day. Just below the Col De La Loze, Le Chenus can be reached by the Coqs chair or the Chenus bubble from Courchevel. It’s a very attractive fast self-service restaurant with a giant sun terrace and fabulous views. The menu included Onion soup, Tartiflette, Entrecote Grill, a wide choice of salads, plus various other choices. Tel: 07 79 08 84.

Le Pilatus Mountain Restaurant

One of the more famous Courchevel restaurants, can be found on the piste near Courchevel Altiport.

Le Panoramic Mountain Restaurant

A Three Valley must! Le Panoramic is set majestically perched on the mountain at the very top of the Courchevel Saulire cable car. The view from the restaurants terrace is truly magnificent.

Le kalico Mountain Restaurant

The menu has a good choice of pizzas and other dishes simple in style.The restaurant is on the left just under the bridge to the left of the Courchevel Tourist office.

La Bergerie Mountain Restaurant

La Bergerie is one of the oldest and well established restaurants in Courchevel. A traditional log cabin style, log fire inside and a wonderful terrace outside.

La Soucoupe Mountain Restaurant

La Soucoupe is another of Courchevel’s most famous restaurants and is the lunch choice for many celebrities. Also built in traditional log cabin style the food is renowned, and this restaurant is another where reservations are essential.