Half a Day Skiing in Kuhtai.

Kuhtai high altitude ski resort with guaranteed snow

Coo, Coo, I Just Want You.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: perhaps the chipmunks have been rolling in glitter.

Having the Snowcard Tirol means you can venture further for skiing day trips. We decided on a three day ski trip.

Skiing in Kuhtai.

Google says you pronounce it Car-tyre, locals say Coo-tie, whichever, Kuhtai is a high, 2,020m, ski resort.

On the positive this means it gets a lot of snow and has a long season, often November to May.

On the negative this means it is a soulless place with no trees and ski runs that simply follow whatever line down the mountain the piste bashers choose to take.

It is a ski resort where the sight of long, slim skis being carried by Lycra clad skiers out numbers baggy-arsed skiers with planks by some considerable margin.

Even me, who generally finds it difficult to match the picture of a piste-map with the reality of what’s on the ground, got to grips with Kuhtai within an hour.

A good place to go when all the best Austrian ski resorts around are losing their snow, but not somewhere I’d choose to ski for very long.

pop trivia: Peter Shelley’s alter ego Alvin Stardust wrote and sang My Coo Ca Choo in 1973.
Ski Pole

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