Pas De La Casa Apres Ski

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Local Cuisine


The local type of pork sausage served with pale beans.

Crema catalana

The Catalana version of crème brulée, a custard pudding sealed with a coating of burnt caramel.


A Spanish version of a Mediterranean salad made with roasted eggplant, red pepper and onions, smothered in olive oil, and sometimes chopped garlic.

Faves a la catalana

Broad beans fried in olive oil with garlic, mushrooms and ham. Sometimes served with fresh mint.

Pan amb tomàquet

Fresh country bread that you add things to, sort of making your own garlic bread, by rubbing tomatoes, garlic, oil, salt and pepper on to it.

Xai al forn

Oven baked lamb, usually sholder or leg of lamb.

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Pas de la Casa Apres Ski & Nightlife

Pas de la Casa apres ski

Pas de la Casa has dozens of pubs and discotheques with all types of music and parties during the ski season that attract visitors from Barcelona, Madrid or France.

KSB – Kamikaze Surf Bar

KSB restaurant and pub in the Plaza dels Vaquers. Most of the fashionable spots are also concentrated in this square.
Restaurant: Meat grilled on an open fire. Open 7pm until 2am.
Bar: 5pm until 3am.
Tel: 00 376 856453.


Amadeus is a disco-pub with house and rock music.

Habana Club

Habana Club is a discotheque with a good Latin atmosphere.

Underground Sports Bar & Grill

Open for Après Ski and then into the early hours. Homemade burgers and steaks plus football and rugby.
Mon to Fri 3pm until 1am
Sat & Sun Noon Until 1 am.
Carrer Bearn 18, ad200 Pas de la Casa.

El Mexicano

El Mexicano in the street Bearn, with a small dance floor but excellent dance music


Bilboard in the basement of the Condor building,a classic for night-birds, with more commercial music and an international mood. Open from 11pm.


Another famous discotheque that is very popular amongst the Spaniards is Sabanah, in the basement of the Kandahar Hotel, with lots of atmosphere and commercial music.

The Vertigo Pub

The Vertigo Pub in the Plaza dels Vaquers, also combines drinks with being a restaurant.

There are also numerous English style pubs and bars with a very British feel.

Crack (in the Cristina Hotel), Kyu (Plaza dels Vaquers) or Milwaokee (Bearn street).