Les Houches

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Cross Country Skiing

The village of Les Houches prepares cross country skiing tracks by the lake of Chavants (2.8km).
The lift companies prepares a 4.2 kilometer track up at the Prarion Plateau at 1800 meters.

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Ski Resort Guide: Les Houches

Skiing Les Houches Ski Resort

Les Houches, situated 6km down the valley from Chamonix, offers tree-lined pistes and delightful cafes and mountains restaurants and access to the vast Mont Blanc Ski Area, which can be reached using the ski bus.

Most of the skiing in Les Houches is through pine and larch forests, which offers more protection when the winds are high and greater charm than some of the more exposed areas further up the valley.

Height: 950 to 1900m.

Marked Pistes: 55 km with 110 snow cannons.
4 , 5 , 12 , 1 .

No of Ski Lifts: 7 ski lifts, 6 chair lifts, 2 cable cars.

Hotels In Les Houches

Hotels non classified


320 Route des Chavants, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450544266


La Fontaine, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450472196


450 Route de Coupeau, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450544071

One Star Hotels


333 Rue de l’Essert, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450544009

Two Star Hotels


490 Le Pont, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450545737

Prarion Alt

1860m, 6090, Route du Prarion, 74310 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450544007

Saint Antoine

7 Route Napoléon, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450544010

Three Star Hotels

Beau Site

Chef Lieu, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450555116

Chris Tal

242 Avenue des Alpages, La Griaz, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450545055

Du Bois

475 Avenue des Alpages, La Griaz, 74400 Les-Houches, Tel: +33(0)450545035