Piste Map | Kiroro Snow World Trail Map in Japan.

Kiroro Snow World, Japan

Not Big Enough for Both of Us.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: rub brothers together to get fire, well nearly.

Kiroro Snow World

About an hour from Sapporo on Japan’s north island is the little ski resort of Kiroro. In total the ski resort of Kiroro has;

  • 21 ski pistes.
  • 32 km of groomed pistes.
  • 7 green pistes, 6 red pistes, 8 black pistes.
  • 9 ski lifts.
Kiroro Piste Map, Japan

You may not think making a trip to Japan just to ski in Kiroro is worth it. But if you’re heading to Japan to ski the best ski resorts in Japan: The immense powder fields of Shiga Kogen or Hakuba Happo-One; then a side trip to Kiroro might make the itinerary.

Japan in the home of deep, deep powder snow that is too dry to make a snow ball, but perfect for skiing and boarding. Japan is also the home of snow monkeys and many other sights and activities to keep the whole family entertained; whether they are skiers or not.

pop triva: The third, and most commercially successful, album from ‘Sparks’ called ‘Kimono My House’ was released in 1974, it had ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us‘ as it’s leading single.
Ski Pole

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