Skiing Telluride

When skiing Telluride you’ll notice it is an isolated resort, located in the Uncompahgre National Forest. It sits under the massive Palmyra Peak at 13,320 feet (4,060 m).

Telluride is not a resort for keen piste bashers whilst the pistes themselves are varied they are limited in extent. Most of the piste skiing is below the tree line.

Ski Trail Maps.

Intermediate Skiing Telluride.

Telluride has plenty of intermediate skiing, 38 percent of the terrain. Besides this lift 5 offers a variety of rolling terrain, wide chutes, moderate pitches and open tree runs. See Forever is the longest piste, 5km, and the most challenging intermediate piste. It runs from the top of Gold Hill Mountain all the way down to the base of lift 4. This run allows intermediates to view all the wonderful scenery of the mountain by staying on the same piste from top to bottom.

Lift 4 and 5 pistes are spectacular chiefly because they consist of double and single blues with a variety of terrain. Misty Maiden on lift 4 is known for its fabulous corduroy and speed. Palmyra on lift 5 is good for moguls. Also, Telluride’s new Prospect Bowl has plenty of tailor-made trails—check out Magnolia and Sandia.

Expert Skiing Telluride.

Experts have some truly challenging terrain such as the Gold Hill Chutes.

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