Skiing in Riksgransen. One of the Best Ski Resorts in Sweden.

Skiing Riksgransen.

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At 200km north of the Artic Circle, Riksgransen is Sweden’s and indeed the world’s northern most ski resort. A lot, but not all of the skiing in Riksgransen takes place off-piste. There are some great pistes and countless, easily accessible off-piste skiing opportunities just off them. But the best of the off-piste needs a helicopter and a guide

Advanced Skiers.

Advanced skiers will find plenty of challenges, like the black pistes; Uffes vägg & Rimfors, and the Nordalsfjäll Ski Area; a 20 minute hike from the top of the Riksgransen Ski Area, where the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships are held every year. Nordalsfjäll has terrain from quite easy to very steep slopes, and a vertical drop of about 300 meters.

Riksgränsen ski season does not really get started until February when there are enough daylight hours and the climate is a little more temperate. By June, the conditions are great the sun can shine 24hrs a day and the ski-lifts reopen from 10pm to 1am, so for an unforgettable experience, you really can ski under the midnight sun. By midsummers’s day, the end of the season, the sun will not have set for over a month.

Riksgränsen Heli-skiing.

Riksgränsen’s main attraction is heliskiing; perhaps the cheapest and best in Western Europe. Riksgränsen’s mountains have up to 1000m vertical meters descent and are just a few minutes flying time from Riksgränsen, with nearby Kebnekaise offering nearly 1500 vertical meters. The heliskiing drop area is huge; over 100 peaks and 3,000 skiable miles, in an unpopulated area the size of Holland.
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Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship.

The Scandinavian Big Mountain Championship has been held every year in Riksgränsen since 1992 and is the season finale for the European freeride season – ski and party under the midnight sun. And a qualifier for the Freeride World Tour. For more info, or to register go to:

Riksgränsen Ski Resort.

Riksgransen Ski Resort Logo

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Riksgränsen Piste Map

Riksgränsen Piste Map

Tourist Office.

981 94 Riksgränsen
Phone: +46 (0)980-641 00

Riksgränsen Ski Resort in Brief.

Getting To Riksgränsen:
Kiruna: 130km (81 miles).
Domestic flights between Stockholm and Kiruna.
Taxi and bus service available.
Riksgränsen to Narvik; 50km (31 miles).

Riksgränsen: 520 – 910m (1,710 – 2,990ft).

No of Ski Lifts:
Riksgränsen: 6.

Pistes: 29: 4 Green Pistes, 4 Blue Pistes, 7 Red Pistes, 14 Black Pistes.

Main Advantages:
Riksgränsen: Summer skiing; good value heli-skiing, plenty of off-piste skiing.

Riksgränsen: limited apès-ski; very few hotels.