Aspen Ski Resort Review

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Aspen Snowmass Ski Resort Review

If you are looking for hollywood on ice and you scratch the surface hard enough, you will eventually find a rich vein in Aspen. On the other hand, this friendly Colorado ski resort can be surprisingly unpretentious.

Aspen Ski Resort, situated in The White River National Forest, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is part of the Four Mountain Ski Resort Area, which inlcudes Buttermilk, Snowmass and Highland.

Aspen skiing is not for the faint-hearted nor the absolute beginner, who would be better off aiming for Snowmass, which is nine miles (15 km) away from downtown Aspen and more tuned-in for families. Buttermilk and are nearer—just three miles (5 km) away as the crow flies—and cater to a broader spectrum of skiing ability. Each of the four mountain areas has its own unique feel and appeal; terrain ranges from steep fast mogul runs, open deep powder bowls and chutes, long groomed trails and gentle beginner areas.

Aspen Ski Resort In Brief

Getting There:
Denver: 222 miles / 355km.
Eagle County Airport (EGE): 70miles / 110km.
Aspen has it’s own airport, 3 miles / 5km from the ski resort.

Snowmass: 2,400m – 3,813m (7,940ft – 12,510ft)
The Mountain: 2,422m – 3,418m (7,945ft – 11,212ft)
Highlands: 2,451m – 3,559m (8,040 ft – 11,675 ft)
Buttermilk: 2,399 m – 3,018 m (7,870 ft – 9,900 ft)

No of Ski Lifts:
Snowmass: 24.
The Mountain: 8.
Highlands: 5: 3 high-speed quads, 2 triples.
Buttermilk: 9.

Marked Pistes:
Snowmass: 19 – 147miles / 237km:
beginner, 50% intermediate, 12% advanced, 32% expert.
The Mountain: 76 – 64 miles / 103km:
0% beginner, 48% intermediate, 26% advanced, 26% expert.
Highlands: 125 – 84 miles / 135km:
18% beginner, 30% intermediate, 16% advanced, 36% expert.
Buttermilk:44 – 21 miles / 34km:
35% beginner, 39% intermediate, 26% advanced, 0% expert.

Longest ski run:
Snowmass: 5.3 miles / 8.5km
The Mountain: 3 miles / 4.83km
Highlands: 3.5 miles / 5.6km
Buttermilk: 3 miles / 4.83 km

Steepest runs;
Snowmass: Gowdy’s and AMF – slope angle of 40 degrees
The Mountain: Elevator Shaft section of the Silver Queen run – slope angle of 42 degrees
Highlands: Go-Go Gully, Highland Bowl – slope angle of 48 degrees

Snowmass: 3,132 acres / 1,267 hectares
The Mountain: 673 acres / 272 hectares
Highlands: 1,028 acres / 416 hectares
Buttermilk: 470 acres / 190 hectares.

Main Advantages:
Large area with four mountains to choose from; lively towns with good selection of shops and restaurants.