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Best Ski Resorts In Bulgaria

Bulgarian Taxi Drivers.

If you need a taxi, call a reputable company like OK Supertrans, it has new cars and fixed rates. Their taxis can often also be taken on taxi ranks.

The other option is to flag a taxi down. You should ensure that the driver turns the meter on at the start of the journey, and that it starts at zero. You should also ask for a receipt. If you have any reason to complain, don’t tackle the driver directly, this could be dangerous. Write down the driver’s details from the obligatory pass displayed with their name and number and report the incident to the company.

Bulgarian Money, the LEV.

All major credit cards, Visa, Master Card, AmEx are accepted in most shops restaurants and all banks in Bulgaria.

In 1997 the Bulgarian LEV was pegged to the Euro at an exchange rate of 1 EURO = 1.96 LEV, this rate never changes. When looking to exchange Euros into LEVs it is advisable to look for a place where for 1 EURO they will give around 1.95 LEVS.

Be very careful when exchanging currency – quite often actual exchange rate is lower than the rate advertised rate on the front of the exchange office – always ask the what the rate is before exchanging any money.

Mobile phones in Bulgaria.

You can use your mobile phone in Bulgaria. Currently there are 3 GSM operators. The most popular operator, with the biggest coverage, is called Mtel, it covers most of the skiing areas.

Check with your operator for coverage and pricing before you set out.

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