Getting To Zermatt

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Getting To Zermatt By Plane

Getting to Zermatt by PlaneBy Plane

Most International flights into Switzerland arrive at either Geneva or Zürich airports – Geneva is slightly closer to Zermatt.

Both airports are superbly organised and fully integrated into the Swiss rail network. Arriving at either airport, one can simply check luggage and skis directly through to Zermatt, and board a train (under the airport terminal) within the hour.

Basel, Bern (and now Sion) airports also service some intra-European flights. Milan in Italy is also relatively convenient to Zermatt (4 hrs).

Getting To Zermatt By Train

By Train

Nearest Airports

Zurich Airport: 3.5hrs
Geneva Airport:: 3.5hrs

The Swiss Rail network is efficient and convenient way to travel within Switzerland. Trains are clean, fast, reliable and frequent and the journey to Zermatt is also beautiful and memorable in itself.

There are frequent (hourly) trains to Zermatt from Zurich and Geneva. From Zurich change trains at Visp, from Geneva change trains at Brig.

At Brig (or Visp) take the senic little BVZ (Brig-Visp-Zermatt) cog-wheel train for rest of the journey up the valley.

Train UK to Zermatt

Eurostar LogoBy Train From The UK

From the 22 December 2012 to 13 April 2013, Eurostar will be running Ski Trains to the Swiss Alps.

Taking 10 hours from St Pancras to Visp, with a change at Lille.

The Matterhorn Gotthard Railway has direct connections form Visp to Zermatt – 1.5 hours Journey time.

Getting To Zermatt By Road

By Road:

Getting to Switzerland by road is simple, since there are fast, well-maintained motorways through all surrounding countries. Within Switzerland roads are well-maintained, well sign posted and generally uncongested.

Zermatt is in southern Switzerland, at the end of the remote and beautiful Zermatt/Visp valley. Motorists can drive as far as Täsch. The last 7 kilometres must be travelled by train (sFr 7.40 per person one way) or by taxi (sFr 8.- per person one way, minimum charge sFr 30.-).

The advantage of travelling by taxi is that you can unload your luggage directly from your car into the taxi.

In winter it is necessary to reserve your parking space well in advance: call. ++41 -(0)27 – 967 15 50 (5.- per day outside, 10.- per day under cover). Some free parking places are available in Visp for motorists wishing to continue by rail.

Driving time to Zermatt is 3 ½ hours from Geneva, 4 ½ from Zürich, 4 hours from Milan in Italy.

Car Hire – Chains & Tyres

If you are hiring a car, check that you will have snow chains and snow tyres (usually payable locally) and check that you have the snow chains in the car before leaving.

Also ensure that you know how to put the chains on!

Skiing in Zermatt Ski Resort